Special Promotion for Women – October 2017

Bliss Massage Oslo dedicates this autumn to all women.

We offer you 500,- nok discount for any of our massage sessions for women, all the October month.

It doesn’t matter the reason of your massage: general relaxation, stress and tensions, back pain, stiff neck, poor circulation, achy joints, etc., just allow yourself to receive, enjoy and sink your body into the relaxation mood.

Soon you will discover you are in the right place, in safe hands, and you will receive the treatment you are longing for.

Bliss Massage – a deeply relaxing and truly fulfilling experience.

Holiday Special Offers for December 2015


Dear guests and friends,

Because the Holiday Season is starting and this is a time of joy, presents and surprises we are very happy to share with you our Holiday Special Offers, inspired by Santa himself. 🙂

You are welcome to get “Twice for Christmas package this month. It includes 2 massage sessions with 30 mins gift added for each of the 2 massages. Of course you can keep them both to spoil yourself, or you can invite a friend.

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An Ecstatic St. Valentine with Bliss Tantra Massage! 9-15 feb 2015

Special-offer-for-Valentine's day

Enjoy our gift to you: 15 % off, for the Loving Couples! This week only!

If you want to celebrate together the most romantic of the lover’s days, Ecstatic Bliss Massage may be the right place to do it. Surprise your loved one with a wonderful, touching gift!

Come together with your beloved and experience the deep relaxation and pleasure of the tantric massage. Indulge yourself and feel spoiled, from head to toes! Aphrodisiac essential oils will spice up this magic moment.

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For the First Opening- A Gift Massage Offer

massage offer oslo

Dear guests, with the special occasion of the first opening of our massage centre- Bliss Massage- on February 1st, we have a special offer for all our guests: 30 min extra massage for any massage you choose.

This offer is available only on first week (1-7 february 2015).

Enjoy a sensual Tantric massage with us!

Bliss Tantra Massage Centre- a sensual massage experience in Oslo


Bliss Massage Oslo- a new massage centre for you

Dear friends, we are happy to announce the opening in Olso on February 1 of our new tantra massage centre- Bliss Massage.

Of course there are many interesting massage centres in Oslo but we invite you all to also meet our team of therapists. You may have a very pleasant surprise to receive a well done professional massage right in the heart of the city.

Is this all new to you? You only have to dare and visit our centre. Whether you simply wish to relax and have a sensual massage or maybe you want to discover what is a tantric massage, you are all welcome.

Our experienced tantric massage therapists can open the gates of the Tantric path for you, and offer you guidance and advice along the way.
We hope that by our Tantra Coaching sessions and workshops all your questions about Tantra will be answered.

How to experience Tantra through massage?

The tantra massage is a deeply relaxing, rejuvenating and healing experience that awakens your sensitivity and energy, and increases your capacity to experience more pleasure. In the Tantra massage the erotic energy is awakened in a controlled way.

This energy is spread through the body and used to heal the body, mind and soul. Instead of losing energy through ejaculation and explosive orgasms, you will learn to circulate and rise your erotic energy to very high states of pleasure and you will become fully energized and content on all levels of your being.

We invite you to visit our centre and we hope that you will find in our cosy and elegant ambiance the deep relaxation and knowledge you were looking for.
Please read more about what is and the tantra coaching courses we will have at our centre.

Have a wonderful massage with us!