Massage in Oslo

Welcome to Bliss Massage Centre– Tantric and Sensual Massage Oslo!

Our massage centre in Oslo gladly offers you Genuine Tantric knowledge by means of massage, Tantric Coaching and Workshops.

We provide therapeutic relaxation massage and tantric, sensual body to body massage services in Oslo, city centre. We use various holistic therapies such as aromatherapy, chromotherapy and breaththerapy, soundtherapy and crystaltherapy. We also combine elements of swedish massage with reflex, lomilomi massage and shiatsu.

Our massage centre is located in the city centre of Oslo.

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We are a beautiful team of young and skilled therapists with diplomas in various types of massages. We all have been studying Tantra and Holistic Therapies for many years and we have great experience in the tantric massage.

We offer genuine tantric massage in Oslo for men, women and couples and also Tantric Coaching.

Our purpose

Our aim at Ecstatic Bliss Tantric Massage Oslo is to make the tantric knowledge more accessible for those interested in the personal growth.

The ancient Tantric teachings offer us a different perspective upon energies of life, love and sexuality. We are complex human beings, body, mind and soul. Our inner balance depends on the harmony between those aspects. Tantric path can be considered more like a way of living, teaching us to become more open, fully present in the moment, in a state of relaxation and awareness. One aspect of tantra explains us how we can use our sexual energy as a force for healing and personal growth. It also explains us how to direct and refine our sexual energy so that we can benefit from its gifts.

During our tantric massage in Oslo, the energy is gradually awakened. Then it is spread in the body, in a harmonious way, and used to heal the body, mind and soul. Tantra offers us a better option than losing our energy through ejaculation. It offers us effective methods for learning to control, circulate and raise the energy. This way we can experience even higher states of pleasure and we can expand and refine our state of consciousness. We achieve this state of expansion by using and controlling the sexual energy.

Our tantric Massage Oslo is a deeply relaxing, rejuvenating and healing experience. It is your chance to feel more aware, more sensitive to stimuli, more alive, exuberant and expressive, more energized and inspired.