Tantric Massage Oslo


Genuine Tantric Massage Oslo

The Tantric Massage we offer in Oslo has been practiced for over 5000 years. This ancient art originally from India is said to calm the organs as well as the mind. Once we discover how to turn off the mind we open ourselves up to a whole new sensual world where the way we feel takes precedence over the way we think.

What is a genuine Tantric Massage?

A genuine tantric massage involves profound relaxation, arousing the sexual energy and channeling it through the whole body. It includes both relaxing energies and stimulating energies. A masterful tantric massage weaves between relaxation and stimulation like a masterpiece of music.

As you become fully present in your whole body, it awakens all your senses. Starts with your sense of sound, smell, imagination, goes on with your sense of touch. You can experience a variety of sensations all over the body. By simply becoming aware, by being in the moment and by letting those sensations rise and pass away. They will create multiple waves of full body orgasmic feelings. This way you can have a deeper understanding of what sexual life force energy really is, through direct experience of Genuine tantric massage Oslo.

Sublime benefits of Tantric Massage

According to Genuine Tantra, mastering the sexual energy both men and women can turn sensual pleasure into a deeply fulfilling experience, that offers sublime benefits to your whole body, mind and spirit.

We invite you to enjoy our Tantric Massage Oslo, to dive deeper and deeper into your excitement. Relax and open your mind until after some practice your reach profound states of pleasure in your entire being, waves of energy floating through your body and soul- elevating you, healing you.

Mastering the sexual energy through a Tantric Massage

The man will become more masculine, confident, free, virile, sexually awakened. He will be able to experience more pleasure and gain control over his energy. Men can be able to experience a full body orgasm.

The woman will become more feminine, happy, radiant, self confident, sensual, erotic, relaxed, open, beautiful, uninhibited and free.


Tantric massage for men

Duration: approximately 90 min/120 min,
Fees: 1600 NOK / 2000 NOK (incl VAT 25 %).

*Longer sessions are possible: every 30′ costs additionally 500 NOK.

Tantric massage for women

Duration: approximately 120 min,
Fees: 1600 NOK (incl VAT 25 %).

*Longer sessions are possible: every 30′ costs additionally 500 NOK.

Tantric massage for couples

Duration: approximately 120 min,
Fees: 3200 NOK (incl VAT 25 %).