How to do a Body to Body Massage at Home – Part 1

How to do a Body to Body Massage at Home – Part 1

Body to Body Massage is not only for the Massage Salons. You could do it at home if you want to. So, if you decided to offer your partner an unforgettable sensual experience, here are 2 articles that will tell you how to do Body to Body Massage at your home.

You will find out some useful information about how to prepare and how to offer the massage. However, we will not focus on the special massage techniques as these take time to learn. But you will get enough information to get yourself started.
Ready? Let’s begin!

Create a sensual environment
Find an airy, quiet room where no one will disturb you for one or two hours. You could do Body to Body Massage on the bed, if you have a big bed, or on a mattress placed on the floor.
Body to Body Massage needs enough room, as it involves many movements where you will use all of your body.
Dim the lights. If you have a red light or candles, this will be great. Do not light too many candles though, as they consume the oxygen in the room – just a few will be enough. (For safety reasons – please pay attention where you place them). Candles will create a nice romantic atmosphere. Choose some relaxing, yet sensual music to add to the atmosphere. There are a lot of sensual massage mix music on You-tube and is better if you can download it, so the annoying adds will not interrupt the mood.

Pick up a good oil
Oil plays an important part in Body to Body Massage as it assists you with sliding on top of your partner’s body. I advise you to choose a natural one – rise oil, olive oil, grape seeds oil, almond oil, to name a few. Make sure they are cold pressed and organic.
You could add a few drops of essential oil for aromatherapy – try Jasmine oil, Rose oil or Bergamot oil.

Prepare to get oily
Yes, you will have a lot of oil on you. As you use not only your hands to massage your partner, but also your arms, forearms, breasts (if you are a woman), booty, legs, etc, there will be oil all over.
It’s good to prepare in advance some towels, wet tissues and a cover sheet (waterproof if you have it) for the bed. It could get messy, so make sure you have everything close by, so you don’t have to go get it later, with oil on the soles of your feet.

Start with a shower
Both yourself and your partner….. You could do it together if you like that .

Get used with being nude
Body to Body Massage needs two naked bodies. If you are shy, but still want to offer your partner a Body to Body Massage, just dim the light some more.

Relax before you start
Have your partner lying on the bed/mattress, facing down. Place yourself near him.
Close your eyes for a minute or so, just before you start. Calm your breathing. Let a slight smile illuminate your face. Relax… You are now ready to start your Body to Body Massage!

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