Physical and emotional benefits of massage

Physical  and emotional benefits of massage

We all know that wonderful, sometimes hard to put in words feeling that we have after a good massage. From the minute we lye on the massage table all of our thoughts, worries and to-dos fade away…the mind gets quiet….almost no thoughts…….and the body is relaxed…Bliss. If an occasional massage leaves you feeling great, how about a regular massage? It can surely do so much more.

The work of your therapist, from each session, builds on itself, helping your body maintain its relaxed state and your muscles to remain loose and in shape even during times of physical and mental stress. You can cope up better with every day’s challenges.

Massage can help you improve your training. How?

Sitting every day at the office can be the cause of the back, neck or muscle pain. A good massage can relax the tensed muscles and go straight to the root of persistent pain. So, all you have to do while receiving a massage is to learn your muscles to relax and eventually melt in the skilled hands of your therapist. He will do the rest for you.

A good massage can literally boost your health.

There are lots of studies indicating that a regular massage has positive effects on our immune system. These studies also indicate massage therapy as one of the few effective ways that has been discovered to stave off high blood pressure in a natural way.

Massage can help you live better? Yes, and manage the stress relief.

The stress relief is one key in finding the balance of a healthy lifestyle.
Even one massage session has been proven to significantly lower heart rate, insulin and cortisol levels, all of which are important in reducing the daily stress.

Massage brings you back the sense of peace and self awareness.

When we get trapped in our busy life, sometimes we may loose the connection between our mind and body. Massage can bring awareness of some areas of stiffness or tension that we may have not even noticed. Also, massage can bring awareness of some areas of pleasure that we may not have even noticed that we have, all over the body.
Sometimes our minds can be filled with many thoughts, worries, regrets, hopes. Calming the mind during a massage session can help you isolate the important things, and let go of the the rest.

Learn how to breath…deeply…

Superficial breathing is one of the cause of anxiety and stress. So breath in, breath deeply while receiving a massage. It can help you train your body how to relax.

Relax and notice your body posture.

Poor posture can help be corrected by relaxation and the right massage movements. A lot of pain comes from the habitual ways we move. So ask for help with your posture.These are just a few of the many benefits of the massage.

There are so much more to be discovered and for that you are welcome at Bliss Massage Oslo.

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