Body to Body Massage – a Sensual Therapy

Body to Body Massage – a Sensual Therapy

Body to body massage is a very sensual type of massage which, maybe unexpectedly, has important therapeutic benefits. It is part of the Tantric massage performed in Bliss massage centre for both men and women.
While being overwhelmed with sensuality and delicious sensations, your body enjoys all these, relaxes, and begins a process of regeneration with multiple effects.

Body to Body Massage is a Sensual Experience

Sensuality means the “condition of being pleasing and fulfilling to the senses”. Exactly what body to body massage offers in the Bliss massage centre from Oslo.
Experts in the Tantric art of touch, having a deep knowledge and hours of training, the masseuses from our Tantric massage centre use their bodies to offer you an exquisite experience here in Oslo.  All you have to do is to relax and to be receptive.

The soft music, the soothing touch and an exotic aroma will take you to a different dimension. You will find yourself in an oasis of pleasure and deep relaxation.
Moreover, your masseuse will use special Tantric techniques that uplift the energy so that you will have a full body experience. This means that the sensual energy will not remain in your sexual area, but it will be turned into blissful energy.

You will be able to feel pleasure in many parts of your body. You might as well have a full body energetic experience for the first time in your life.
Many of the regular clients from Bliss tantric massage centre describe the whole experience of body to body massage as blissful.

The best thing is to see it for yourself, but here are some of the benefits of the Body to Body Massage:
The effects on your overall wellbeing:

  • keeps your body in good shape
  • relaxes your psyche
  • opens your heart
  • increases your energy
  • improves your eroticism
  • you feel pampered and well taken care of

Body to Body Massage is also a Therapeutic Experience

So far we have talked about the sensual part. But what about the therapeutic aspect?
Body to body massage from Bliss Tantric massage centre in Oslo is also therapeutic because of its positive effects on body soul and mind. It is a complex massage that always starts with a full body relaxation massage.

The masseuse also presses certain acupressure points along the energetic meridians of your body to unblock the flow of energy.
Once unblocked and activated, the energy will flow throughout your body, under the tender touch of your masseuse.
Your muscles will relax; the stress will melt away as well as the fatigue.

The body has the remarkable quality of healing itself. Reducing the stress through a well done massage, it will assist your body find its balance and regenerate.
Having a charming and well experimented masseuse taking tender care of you could also have soothing and calming effects. You will be more present in the body thus allowing your mind to settle down.
Notice the benefits of a body to body massage immediately after the session and in the days that follow.

The therapeutic effects that you might notice:

  • relaxes your muscles
  • reduces stress
  • ameliorates anxiety and depression
  • improves blood flow
  • improves the quality of your sleep
  • removes physical and mental fatigue
  • improves your skin condition

When Will You See the Effects?

Although you will observe many benefits even from the first session, the amazing effects will deepen if you do it regularly for a while.
We recommend you to delight in a body to body massage session in our Tantric centre from Oslo once a week to benefit the most from its cumulative effects.
As a conclusion, body to body massage is an enjoyable sensual experience with many effects that go far beyond the realm of pleasure.

Book a body to body massage session right now and enjoy its extraordinary benefits.

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