How often should I have a massage?

How often should I have a massage?

One of the most common question that we get asked as massage therapist at Bliss Massage Oslo is: How often should I receive a massage session?

Considering the great number of factors that go into deciding how often we should have a massage session, the answer to this question can vary from one person to another. It may depend on your physical and emotional needs, your stress levels, your goals, and of course your budget.

Every time you feel tensed, stressed, worrying too much, a good massage can give you a fresh restart.  

Definitely, the most complex benefits will be experienced once you get massage sessions regularly. As we already know, the massage improves blood circulation, calms the nervous system and relieves muscles pain. It gives you the feeling of wellbeing and puts you back on track.
Done once a year, a massage will be a great experience, and it will be relaxing, but it cannot undo a lifetime of stress and muscle tension.

Exhausted of too much work, feeling lonely and need human contact? A full body massage can be the answer

Typically, if you wish to keep yourself into shape, once every week or two is ideal for a full body massage session. In times of extra stress, you might wish to go a little more frequently. If you suddenly experience a spasm due to stress, try to make an appointment for a massage therapist as soon as possible. Visiting the same therapist for several sessions can help you feel more comfortable while the therapist already knows your body and your personal needs.

Once you are feeling good, once a month is the minimum to keep you in shape and for maintaining the wellbeing of your tissue. If you start postponing the time for massage, the muscles can revert to their old patterns and then you will have to start over again to restore their suppleness.

Listen to your body, don’t wait too long and book a massage session with Bliss Massage Oslo.

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