Covid Sanitizing Measures

Covid Sanitizing Measures

Covid Sanitizing Measures
Please take a few minutes to read our Safety Measures Policy in the light of predicament the entire world was faced with due to the Coronavirus outbreak.
In accordance with the rules set out by the World Health Organisation and the Norwegian Institute of Public Health, we have taken all the necessary steps to ensure the safety and health of both our guests and our staff.
We are abiding by all the below mentioned rules with outmost care and we kindly ask you to do the same in order to prevent exposure and ensure a healthy environment.

What we do at Bliss Tantric Massage studio
We have always kept a high level of hygiene for our studio and our regular guests have shown great appreciation for it.
All towels and linens are being properly washed on high temperature and all surfaces that one may come in contact with during a visit are being disinfected after every guest. This includes but is not limited to door handles, light switches, oil bottles, shower facilities, countertops. We use bleach and antibacterial products.
For cleaning hands we provide only disposable paper towels or tissues along with hand sanitizer and antibacterial hand soap.
Our massage therapists practice impeccable standards of personal hygiene at all times (showering before and after each session, hair kept clean and tide up for the duration of the session, nails kept clean and short).

What we kindly ask of you
Please, if you experience any flu –like symptoms or have been travelling in the past 2 weeks to a high risk infection area, wait the recommended period of 14 days to ensure your health before booking an appointment with our studio.
Please make sure upon arrival that you wash your hands. Before the session shower and wash your hair; the shower is recommended after the session as well.

Just as a reminder from Bliss 
For a very long time the need for intimacy and closeness has been banned due to the necessity to ensure our health and safety.
It is important now to remember that a massage session is not just an indulgence or a whim, but a much appreciated therapy, a means to reconnect to yourself, to your energies and to life itself.
It is a powerful healing tool just within your reach. It brings you joy, emotional and energetic balance and a plus of beneficial, positive energy. This will not only keep you healthy but will boost your immune system as well.
Fear and lack of human contact or closeness has a great impact on any person’s libido by reducing it drastically. A Bliss Tantric Massage session can help you restore your sensuality and further more increase it.
We invite you to put aside the remnant fears and, after carefully considering the safety measures we have presented, take the necessary step to ensure your health from now on as well. 

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