Special massage offer for women in February 2018!

Special massage offer for women in February 2018!

We are having a special offer for the women during all February month.

Come together with a friend (female also) and both of you will have 200 nok discount at any of our Women Bliss session.

If you wish to indulge yourself more at Bliss Massage and keep this offer for yourself only, then buy our Women Bliss 2 Pack (includes 2 massage sessions) and you will have 400 nok discount.

It doesn't matter the reason of  your massage: general relaxation, stress and tensions, back pain, stiff neck, poor circulation, achy joints, etc., just allow yourself to receive, enjoy and sink your body into the relaxation mood.

Soon you will discover you are in the right place, in safe hands, and you will receive the treatment you are longing for.

Bliss Massage- a deeply relaxing and truly fulfilling experience.

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