Tantric Massage for Women

Relax and regenerate yourself at Bliss Tantric Massage

Women are quite capable of feeling orgasmic pleasure in any part of the body when they are given time.

Sometimes it can be a rare experience to enjoy being taken care of, from head to toes, without any expectations. Considering this, a tantric massage it’s a wonderful opportunity for them to be spoiled.

Reduce the stress and have a more fulfilling intimate life

In order to help women feel better  in so many ways we combine various relaxation techniques to reduce stress, pain and musle tensions. It is well known that the stress, anxiety and tensions that we experience daily, in time they may affect our intimate life, generating lack of sexual desire or difficulty in reaching climax.

Our Tantric massage for women is a full body treatment created to eliminate the tensions, unblock the sexual energy and to restore the sense of wellbeing. You will experience your entire body becoming more relaxed, awakened, sensitive and orgasmic. It can help you regain you feminity, self confidence and feel sexy again.

As a holistic therapy, the tantric massage that we practice has multiple benefits for your body, mind and emotions. This caring and affectionate therapy can help you overcome violence or sexual abuse.

Revive your senses feeling comfortable and safe

A tantric massage can be a complex experience for women who need to deeply relax and revive their senses in a warm, respectful and safe environment. Your feeling of safety is extremely important to us.

Everything will happen at a slow pace always leaving you the possibility to express yourself.  Our tantric massage is personalized so that the needs of the moment to be carefully answered.

Eliminate tensions and traumas with Healing Yoni Massage

A yoni Massage ( genital massage) can be included in our tantric massage for women session, only by request. We will discuss about it prior the session.

The purpose of the yoni massage is not to arouse, but to gently eliminate tensions and traumas tending to store in the genital area. Even though, sexual arousal can be a side effect.

Over time those tensions and blockages can lead to loss of sensation or even pain, creating lack of desire and depression. Step by step, once tensions are eliminated, the yoni massage can increase woman’s sensitivity, their ability to experience more pleasure, the optimism and happiness.