Naturist Tantric Massage

Explore Naturism and its Benefits with Bliss Massage: Naturist Paradise

It is no secret that the French have an amazing attitude towards nudity. With a long history behind it, the Naturism Concept or “au naturel” means perfect freedom, acceptance, the beauty of simplicity and life in harmony with nature.

Bliss Massage Oslo is in love with the Spirit of Tantra and with Naturism, so, your incontestably experienced guides into Tantric adventure invite you to discover the philosophy of wellbeing, based on the practice of Naturism combined with the exquisite Bliss Massage Oslo Tantric Massage.

Within the sacred, intimate ambiance of Bliss Massage Oslo, you have the freedom to open your being to the precious, archetypal beauty and purity of nudity. You will savour through direct experience the same transcendental harmony that Renaissance artists offered to the whole world in a completely unconstrained manner 600 years ago.

The uninhibited way this Naturism Concept is integrated in the practice of Tantric Massage by Bliss Massage Oslo comes from a deep understanding of the Universal Beauty and Harmony that lies beneath the surface of each and every one of us, ready to take you to the next level in the Journey of Self Discovery and Bliss.

"What spirit is so empty and blind, that it cannot recognize the fact that the foot is more noble than the shoe, and skin more beautiful than the garment with which it is clothed?" (Michelangelo)

When Naturism is Combined with Professionalism

We invite you to enjoy in delicious awareness a "par excellence" antidote to stress, that will infuse you with pure joy.

Bliss Massage Oslo Nude Tantric Massage will give you an experience for the body, soul and spirit, in a setting of harmony, sensuality, and comfort.
Starting from desire and going all the way to pure, sublime sensuality, you will set new highs in your intimate sensual and emotional inner world.

Bliss Massage Studio in Oslo will take you to a timeless universe, fusing refined eroticism with exotic massage and deep relaxation techniques. Delight yourself with a unique aphrodisiac experience, guided by our team of masseuses, completely sensual and professional.

Our treatments are meant for men and women as well as for couples.

We would like to kindly remind you that Bliss Massage Oslo services, though conveying the values of Naturist philosophy, cannot accept under any circumstances requests of ambiguous nature and you are kindly asked to respect our behavioral standards at all times.

Please keep in mind that any disrespect of our standards will lead to the immediate interruption of your session, and departure with forfeit of the cost of the massage.

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