Tantric Massage for Men

Improve your sexual performance with Bliss Tantric massage

Have you noticed that the busier you are with your work and business, the less time and attention is left for your intimate life? The quality of the time you spend in bed with your loved one can be always improved.

You can always become a better lover once you decide to pay attention to this aspect of your life. No matter how successful in business a man is, the success in bed will give him that masculine power some men have.

A creative combination of sexual awakening, breathing and relaxation techniques, our Tantric massage can help you improve your sexual performance and perform longer in bed.

Tantric massage - a natural and very pleasant solution in cases of premature ejaculation

Most cases of premature ejaculation do not have a clear cause. Psychological factors (anxiety, guilt or depression ) can cause it, but it can also be related to medical hormonal problems. It may lead to unsatisfactory sex for both partners and increase anxiety in your relationship.

Sometimes staying in control can be difficult. The natural tendency is to rush. But what if you could learn to delay and prolong the orgasm? And even experience it in multiple nuances?
Our Tantric massage can help you learn to relax while you enjoy more pleasure. This will improve your self control and you will feel more self confident.

Erectile dysfunction or low sex drive? Our massage can put you back on track

Stress and anxiety can be the cause of many sexual dysfunctions. Erectile dysfunction is often a symptom, not a condition. An erection is the result of complex processes in a man's body. Sexual arousal involves interaction between your body, nervous system, muscles, hormones, emotions, feelings.

Deeply relaxing and regenerating, a Tantric massage session can release tensions and blockages and increase libido and potency.

A Tantric massage for men is a whole body to body sensual massage experience

A Tantric massage for men session in Oslo is both relaxing and sensual. Awakening and spreading the sexual energy throughout your body, a genuine Tantric massage can lead men to experience a deep state of pleasure and relaxation. Repeating such experiences as often as possible could change your perspective upon sensuality and sexual energy.

It is known that men's natural tendency is to focus on the sexual area, as the erotic energy is mostly felt there. The consequence is that many of them forget about the rest of their body and loose awareness of them as whole beings, including mind and soul.

Considering the ancient Tantric tradition, ejaculation is not occur at any point of the massage. The aim of our sensual Tantric massage for men is to increase energy, improve self control and benefit fromits healing effects.