Our Vision

Bliss Tantric Massage Centre located in the city center of Oslo offers you both classical relaxation therapies and sensual Tantric Massage for men, women and couples.

A complex holistic therapy, the Tantric Massage is becoming more and more appreciated as a way to achieve a profound state of wellbeing and happiness using the sexual energy.

Reduce stress and have a more fulfilling intimate life

From a holistic perspective, human body can be viewed as a reflection of the whole being, of all lived experiences. Our body is the “home” of emotions, belief systems and spiritual expression.

Many health care professionals have intuited this early in their work and thankfully, we now have the science to better appreciate the mind, body and soul connection.

An affectionate sensual massage can be both relaxing and energizing

At an emotional level, an affectionate sensual-erotic massage can provide the relaxed, the caring, non-intrusive touch we have longed for, with no expectations.  This soothes the busy mind, reduces stress and makes us feel loved again.

 At a deeper level, our Tantric massage in Oslo can release the personal history we have stored in our body tissues. This can lead to powerful changes in our energy and provide a vital alchemical ingredient in each person’s process of growth.

We offer massage therapy adapted to your unique needs

Fundamental to our work as massage therapists in Oslo is our ability to adapt the treatment to each guest’s unique needs, physical characteristics and personality.

Of course, the key here is to work with each guest and the agenda they bring.
Some simply wish to have their stiff neck or tight shoulders relaxed, some need a massage to reduce stress, pain and muscle tension.

We give special attention to women and couples

Women enjoy the Tantric Bliss massage in Oslo for the feeling of caring, comfort and connection they experience and for its healing benefits.

Couples may wish to experience a deeper intimacy with their loved one during a Couple Tantric Bliss massage session.

Others may use massage for much deeper personal growth. Bliss Massage Oslo wishes to respond to all of your needs.In order to enhance our work with our guests we are committed to working on our inner growth.

Massage in essence is about sensitive communication through the means of touch. It is about bringing together the rich complexity of who you are, who I am and how we connect through the medium of touch.

We hope you will also be “touched” by the elegant, warm and cozy atmosphere we created in our Massage Centre in Oslo.