Tantra Coaching and Workshops

Discover Tantra Teachings with Us

In order to make the Genuine Tantric path more and more accessible, we are offering Tantra coaching and workshops in Oslo to those who are interested in their personal growth.

We are passionate about supporting men and women on their journey to a more conscious living and a deeper experience of intimacy.

Improve your intimate life

Discover through Tantra Coaching in Bliss Massage Centre Oslo how the principles of Genuine Tantra might help you improve your life and reconnect you with your true nature.

The Tantra Coaching session lasts approximately 4 hours. It includes 2 hours of discussions and practical information, 90 min of massage session and a DVD gift about Tantra.

You will start with the first level of these lessons and gradually go deeper with the knowledge until level 7.

We recommend you to have at least one or two Tantric massage sessions before starting the Tantra Coaching here in Oslo, so that you will be familiar with us and the principles that we follow.

Contact us to ask more details about it or we can talk about it when you come at our centre in Oslo.