Massage Prices

Goddess Unveiled

Tantric Massage for Women

Relax body and mind and reconnect to your inner strength. Revive your sense in a warm, respectful and sacred space.

kr 1400 90 min
60 min: 1200 NOK
120 min: 1700 NOK
Bliss for Two

Tantric Massage for Couples

Share a special moment & rediscover each other in a transfiguring, magic way.

kr 2900 90 min
120 min: 3600 NOK

Personalize your massage experience with our toppings of exquisite bliss:

For Session of Minimum 60 min
Nude 500 NOK

Sensuality, intimacy and body to body massage as a new form of art that will set you free.

Assisted Shower 200 NOK

Combine the purifying effects of water with the warm embrace and playful presence of your delightful therapist.

Joyful Feet 200 NOK

A playful, yet amazing combination of deep tissue massage and sensual feelings.

Extra 30 min 500 NOK

Feel deeper the exceptional power of a perfectly balanced massage. Connect to your inner strength!

For Session of Minimum 90 min
Lingam Massage 500 NOK

Enrich your eroticism with new nuances and long lasting unique sensations. Experience a new and improved combination of techniques! It is perfectly designed to improve control of the erotic energy and restore the energetic flow within the body.

Waves of Awareness 150 NOK

Let your attention follow your breathing rhythm into a realm of pure pleasure & serenity.

Chakra Balancing 150 NOK

Align your mind, body and spirit! The power of pure crystals puts you in touch with your inner Master!

For Session of Minimum 120 min
Yoni Massage 500 NOK

Open the gates of joy to your sacred self! Go beyond relaxation to where happiness is your reality! We have a new and improved massage which will help you discover your inner beauty!

Lymphatic Drainage 300 NOK

Improve your health & purify your entire body! Double the energetic uplift effects of the massage by giving your immune system a necessary boost!

Senses Uplift 300 NOK

A royal treat for all your senses, it opens the gate for enjoying a benefic trance during your massage.