Tantric Massage for Couples

Pamper for two: the tantra massage for couple

Come together as a couple and experience the profound relaxation of a Tantric Massage for Couples. It will enhance the sensitivity and intimacy within your couple relationship.

You will experience the tantric massage for couples for 2 hours in separate rooms. After that, you will meet again to share the massage experience at one cup of tea.

Enjoy together and experience more intimacy

Our tantric massage for couples can give you an impression of what tantric is about and how embracing this path will transform your experience of living, loving and intimacy.

It can take you to a deeper sense of sensuality and a more heart- centered sexuality. Such a massage experience amplifies polarity in a couple. It can give you a fresh start, an impulse to the sexual attraction, love affection and trust.

For more details about the massage please view the section for men and women massage on this website.